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Personal development and career-coaching

When I started recruiting, 5 years ago, I did not have any experience with interviewing or career coaching what so ever. I had no academic background in HR or People Operations, and frankly I was an introvert engineer with an interest in the human mind. I had to learn everything from scratch, how to search for talent, to contact them, get them into interviews and interview them. What I did not know at the time that was going to become a large part of my daily work was career coaching. I started recruiting directly from university and I started recruiting students and graduates. Naturally I had an understanding for them and connected with them well. As I grew into my role, I also started to see things that students and graduated did badly when they were looking for jobs or being interviewed. I started coaching them, or rather engaging in a conversation about this with them. I organized student-evenings where we’d go through how to write a CV or how to cope with interviews.

After conducting over 2000 interviews and reading I-don’t-know-how-many CV’s in my career, I found myself not only coaching graduates but also senior people in their careers. Developing and/ or changing your job or career is one of the largest decisions we have to make in life and naturally a lot of thoughts and options arise when you start thinking about making something out of it. Let’s bring these thoughts into actions.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

It starts with you

Find your core values. No, it’s not new-age nonsense, finding your own values that you want to live by helps you make decisions and take the right actions towards your goal. When you act according to your own values you feel motivated and engaged. Values are quite general, like honesty, respect, responsibility, safety and creativity. You should focus on maximum 5 core values at a time. Your values may change over the course of life, and at different points of your career.

Find your greatest interests and passion. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it has to do with “work” or if it’s a hobby. Finding your interests and passion, and finding a job that correlates with that to some extent, will make your work life so much easier and rewarding. If your interests or passions aren’t obvious, try visualizing what situation you’ve been in when you enter a state of flow. Flow is the mental state where you are fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus when performing an activity. You have full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Find the best environment and atmosphere for you. Continue visualizing what you need in order to enter flow again. What environment do you need, physically? Do you need an open office space, a lot of good colleagues, special light or nutritious food? Also start thinking about the company culture and what culture will fit you the best. What do you need from colleagues, managers and what kind of atmosphere will you thrive in?

You don’t necessarily have to be looking for a new job; maybe you just want to make sure you’re on the right path? Once you have a clearer picture of what you want to do or where you want to end up, take action towards it.


Start zooming in

Connect with your network. Are you on Facebook and/ or LinkedIn, this is pretty much done for you. Start looking up old friends, colleagues or people you went to school with. What do they do now? What connections do you have in common? It might suit you to focus on the role, or industry, or topic and not all at once. Start with where your passion lies, and from there it can take many forms. Write down interesting companies, roles and topics that you find during your research.

Connect with, and contact people. Don’t just send a generic “I want to add you to my network”-request. Ask a common connection if they can introduce you or write why you want to connect with this person. If you’ve read their blog, say so, if you are curious about their recent project – ask if they can tell you about it! People often really enjoy being contacted in a “human” way, and they will meet you. I’ve reached out to people this way, either to hear more about their idea, their company, or actually to “recruit” a mentor for myself. It’s humbling to receive a request like this. I think we all should start utilizing our network more and make them come alive! What does 600 friends on Facebook or LinkedIn mean, if you don’t interact with them?

It’s all about the attitude. If you feel that this is super awkward, I’ll guarantee you it will be awkward. If your attitude is that this is super natural, you are genuinely interested in the other person and what they do, or how they solved a problem, it will feel natural. What I’m talking about now is you as a person, meeting with another person – not approaching a company through a recruiter or HR. I’m not saying either that you have to be looking for a new job to do this, you just want to make the most out of your network. This requires an open mind to whatever might come out of the meeting. YES, it is going to feel strange the first time, and you might feel too humble and not feel comfortable to ask for their time, but remember – we’re all just people.

Some tips for the road…

When you reach out, tell them exactly what caught your interest with their profile and why you want to meet. It can be as fluffy as “I read your latest blog post and I thought it would be super interesting you get your view on something I’ve been working on…wanna grab a coffee?” or “I find your background super interesting, when you X at Y for example, and I’m looking to broaden my network within in this area, and I would love to meet you for a coffee to get to know you and the industry better. ” Find your own touch.

Prepare an agenda based on their profile or what you want out from the meeting. While in the meeting, keep it casual or as business as you want, but I suggest you don’t open with “So to start with my first question..”. Prepare what you want to know and be genuinely interested in the other person and what they have to say.

Sum up and agree on the next actions (if any). At the end, sum up the meeting and thank the person for taking the time to meet you. If you’ve found some common interests, business-intersections or actions that you’ve agreed on – that’s great! But don’t be disappointed if you didn’t, you still broadened or deepened your network and you should feel proud of that.

Happy networking!


There’s no I in Change

The past 1,5 years, I’ve not only experienced the tremendous work it takes for a global company to reorganize, disrupt and innovate into a product- and technology company. I’ve also learnt what it takes from the people working there.

It’s not the new office, or the new PowerPoint templates that define a change. People do. If you don’t listen to your employees or take care of them during a change process, they will leave. If you win over the people in your organization, you have everything to win going forward with the change.

I think Schibsted Reboot Conference is a great example of getting everyone on the same page. We gathered 1400 Product and Tech employees under the same roof, letting people get to know each other, engaging in inspirational workshops and listening to talented internal and external speakers. The history, what lead up to the change, the present, what we’re going through, and the vision and goal for this change was clearly communicated.

Check out #schREBOOT on Twitter.

It’s easy to feel threatened, insecure, and uncomfortable because things are ambiguous during a change process. When these feelings take the overhand of individuals, there’s a risk they will start acting selfishly and do everything they can to shake these feelings, naturally. People feel threatened, insecure and uncomfortable if they don’t get the information they need;

  • What is going on?
  • Where are we in the process, what can I expect?
  • What do you expect from me?


I’m a part of a large company going through a change process, so what can I do?

Expect the unexpected

Teams change names every other week, you need to change desks every other month, new people start, other people leave; expect that things will change and do whatever it takes to smoothen the process.

Seek out information

Expect that you are under informed at all times, and that it’s expected from you to ask about what is going on. The people dealing with communication can’t read your mind, what do you want to know and what is important to you? It’s like a relationship; communication needs to work both ways.

Be solutions oriented

Things will be rocky; problems will arise, big and small. You will make huge impact if you show your problem solving skills at this stage. If you find a problem, or hear about it from your colleagues, take action and do something about it. If we can catch the problems small, it will be a much smoother ride.

See the bigger picture

You’re a part of something revolutionary! Your company is on a mission, so take a few moments during a week where you remind yourself what larger purpose you serve. What is this line of code, or this phone call worth? Whether the goal is to save the world, or revolutionize an industry, put it all together and look at the bigger picture.

Have fun!

Have kick-offs with your team, socialize and play games. You put in some hard work, make sure you have fun while doing it. Building stronger relationships with your colleagues in this phase is important. It will make you collaborate better and trust each other more if you know the other person well.

Growing a brand new Product- and Tech organization

As you might already know, I’ve been working as a technical recruiter for the past 5 years and most recent 1,5 years at Schibsted Media Group. Being a technical recruiter puts you in a position where you get to see everything that is going on in an organization. Hot tip, if you want to get a sense check on a company; go talk with their technical recruiter!

As a technical recruiter…

  • You need to understand the underlying strategy of the company.
  • You need to understand the purpose of every product, component or platform being built.
  • You need to understand the teams and the different roles in the teams.
  • You need to know who they are and what technologies they use.
  • You need to be able to advise your Hiring Managers on what vacancy to prioritize.
  • You interact with all managers (Engineering, Product, UX and Strategy) and with top management on a weekly basis.

On top of all the comprehension and learning you need to do, you also need to be a great team player and know how to solve problems systematically. Then there are some tools you should be able to use, some phone calls you have to make… and oh, you should be able to find, attract and hire top talent to build a world-class product- and technology organization.

Easy peasy.

Quick search on LinkedIn shows 193 jobs available as Technical Recruiter in San Fransisco, USA.
Quick search on LinkedIn shows 193 jobs available as Technical Recruiter in San Fransisco, USA.


Schibsted Products and Technology was the result of a strategy project regarding Digital Transformation back in 2014. Schibsted has been sort of a house of brands, owning over 120 companies in 30 countries. In total, we’re 6800 employees world wide working in media houses, marketplaces or growth companies. Schibsted has a strong foundation in publishing; ever since our founder Christian Schibsted bought his first printing press and started a newspaper. That newspaper was Aftenposten in Norway.

I don’t know how much you know about publishing, or corporate structure, or other Norwegian companies and their culture. But regardless of that, the story of what Schibsted is up to now, taking action on digital transformation of the whole company, is quite remarkable.

Taking into account that Schibsted has a track record of disruptive innovation and taking chances that no other media company has done before, this is still a huge transformation.

We are connecting the dots, and building an ecosystem of services online. We use the strength in our local brands that our users know and have developed a trusted relationship to, and our global scale that helps us reach over 200 million users every month.

We are changing the way we work. Product development and innovation will continue at our local brands to meet and exceed our users demands. The global products, components and platforms will enable each local brand to focus on their core, at the same time we get better insights in our users needs globally.

Building a global product- and tech org from scratch means we need to pay a little extra attention to some things, to mention some of them:

  • Company culture
  • Communication
  • Recruiting

teamworkA 176-year-old publishing and media company is re-inventing itself to become a global tech-giant; of course we need to focus on company culture. Besides the obvious support from top management, great action by global leaders and evangelists, paying attention to company culture means: recruit people that can drive this new tech culture forward. Culture is not the same as values, it is when employees live the company values that they become culture. Culture is people.


chatWe are 6800 people in Schibsted. During reorganization like this, it will feel like a rocky boat-ride and most people will feel uncertain at times and wonder what will happen to their career. Besides advocating that everyone should assume responsibility of ones own career and seek out information, we need to be good communicators. Every small piece of information will become essential in this change. We build a culture where people are not afraid to ask, raise their concerns or simply take action and start communicating more. Next, everyone need to understand the change, embrace it, find your place in it and start collaborating with others.


Recruiting the right people at this stage of a process like this is crucial. The people we bring in need to be people who can start building the bike while riding it. The key is passion and motivation. We find the people who have the interest and intrinsic motivation to be on this journey and help build not only products, but also a brand new organization. Better yet, they’re in it for the challenge and knowing that they can make a great impact joining this early in the process. They need to be smart problem solvers who engage in any kind of difficult challenge. Since 2014 Schibsted Products and Technology has grown from 11 people to over 400 in four hubs; Oslo, Stockholm, London and Barcelona.

We’re still laying out the bricks as we go, but I just must say I’m so proud to be a part of this and to be working with such smart and amazing people.

Check out our blog:

Good Enough

Insecure, confident, overachiever or slacker, mindful or stressed, you are not only one of these things. The beautiful mind of yours, is a compound of these emotions and attributes. One day you might feel sad, another day, you feel invincible.

I want to try and explain what I feel regarding goals, my comfort zone and social media and how that is connected with feeling good enough.

I think “too much” and I believe that I will always have a bit of a stress dealing with this sinus curve of life. That sounded dark, but you know, it’s not. It’s exactly that – LIFE. I try and do my best at everything. It is like I hope that someday, like a lightning through the sky, out of a sudden, something will tell me “This is good enough” or better yet “You are good enough”.

My mind often tells me; You should be educated, be a great friend, a loving girlfriend, a party-starter, a collaborative colleague, an overachiever, a kick-starter, a co-founder, aspire to once become a super-mom, be a fitnessqueen and if you are something less, that’s not good enough. Being aware of these thoughts is a first step, changing the pattern with actions is a good second.


If you think about it, you shouldn’t want to reach your goal, how fun would that be? “I’ll take the rest of my life off, I just reached my goal yesterday.” You’ll find a new goal, and a new challenge. Goals can be uplifting, or they can feel overwhelming. This has to do with how you set your goals, and how you think about yourself and your own ability to reach them. There are ways to write down SMART goals, but if you are not smart about them, they can easily be too fluffy or too hard to reach. They should connect with your inner core, your values and be sprinkled with your passion and dreams. Not the other way around.

Get a good mentor, a life coach and maybe you’ll have a few of them? I listen to my parents, successful women in tech, my boyfriend and my closest friends. You don’t have to listen to only one person at a time unless it’s you. You have the power to combine the advice and input from all of these sources to connect with who you are.

Comfort Zone

What’s with this famous Comfort Zone and the all the fuzz about being on the outside of it? Yes, it’s where you grow, plans are realized, dreams come true and you see pink skies, drink rainbows and poop butterflies. Until you hit a wall.

It’s not that I don’t agree about the above statement, but no one told me that I had to visit the comfort zone every now and then to make it work. The comfort zone is also for growth, it’s where you put your guard down, learn to trust, listen to and help other people. It is where you do the deep thinking about yourself, the world and how it’s all connected. You can’t do that when you’re uncomfortable and always on the go. Search for personal growth, a successful career or a kickass physique outside the comfort zone, but come visit your comfort zone once in a while to catch your breath.

Social Media

What does social media do to your mind? How do you handle the exposure, visibility and attention? I’m on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. I use them as different communication channels for different messages to different audiences. That’s what they are to me. I see myself as strong enough to be able to look through hundreds or thousands of fitness-posts on Instagram or successful profiles on LinkedIn, without letting it change me and how I feel about myself. I’m not sure that I am that strong though.

Break it down, sometimes watching these social media is really motivating and it is usually that day I feel invincible. “I can reach this form too, I can get abs!” “I too can co-found a company!” Other days, when I’m sad, I might look at the pictures and my inner voice tells me “You’re not good enough, look at you, that is never going to be you.” How can I learn to understand this pattern, and stay away from social media when my mind can’t do anything constructive with the message?It’s so easy to state, “I’m not affected by social media”. But it’s not that easy. I believe that some can learn to become aware how it affects them, some won’t ever get affected (negatively) and some should probably not be on social media because of the complexity of messages and interpretations.

If social media make you question if you’re good enough, try and make a change.

Often, women are found to be the insecure overachievers to a larger extent than their male peers. What I found has helped me is to talk about it openly. Share your success, share others success, share your insecurities and back each other up. It is not hard being a woman in tech, or in random male dominated environment, nor is it easy. It’s ever-changing, but it’s not until we have reached the same norms and dogmas as foundation for both men and women outside and inside tech communities, that we can stop talking about it.

On the move

I’m moving in together with O this fall, and will be renting out my apartment on central Grünerløkka one year from the 1st of November 2016.

Check it out! :)

FINN ad:

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Markveien 34, 3rd floor
Grünerløkka, Oslo

Fully furnished 1-bedroom apartment in the heart of Grünerløkka available from December 1st, 2016.

14 000 NOK / month

The apartment is on the 3rd floor and comprises of an entrance hall, a bedroom, dressing room, bathroom / WC, living room with access to the kitchen. Additionally the apartment disposes a basement storage in the building of about 4,5m².

Areas and Content Descriptors:
Total gross area: 47 sq.m.
Total floor area: 42 sq.m.

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Reboot, take the leap and dare to be wacko

“You can´t think about thinking if you don’t think about thinking about something.”

Be meta, and dare to be wacko.

I’m sitting here, thinking about thinking about what to think about as I’m planning to write it down. I want to make some notes about my personal experience of the conference I was just recently a part of, the Schibsted Reboot conference.

To reboot a whole company is not easy, and when it means adapting and may I say adopting, a new technology culture, it’s probably even harder. For a company that has been around for 176 years, to take the leap and become a real technology and product driven company is huge. You need a lot of awesome people, about 1400 of them to be exact. They need to be passionate, intelligent, and have a can-do mentality. I believe, after these two days the past week, that we absolutely have that.

“In the future, it’s not the technology that will be your competitive advantage. Every company and person will have access to the same technology. It’s the people developing and using that technology that will be your advantage.” – A professor told us when I studied in Singapore

So make sure you hire the right people to drive this change, it’s alpha and omega.

On a more personal note then, the conference started of with some very inspirational talks. I mean inspirational as in I was almost shaking, as a physical reaction to my body of all the inspiration and can-do mentality I felt when listening to them.


Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the MIT Media Lab, media technology enabler and advisor to the most powerful and thus impactful people the world has ever seen.

I cannot cite the whole talk Nicholas gave here, it’s not my intention and I wouldn’t make it justice. My takeaways are: Be meta, think about thinking, dare to be wacko and learning learning.

To challenge the way people think is easy, but we do it every day. To absolutely and profoundly change the way people think about thinking is nearly impossible. At least when we talk about adults it may seem impossible. Kids can do it, they haven’t yet learnt the way we should think about thinking or learn learning. Examples that form this rigid way of thinking is the typical influencers throughout an upbringing; school, teachers, parents, society and norms. I was so inspired by this talk, and I want to learn more about this thought, so that I can be ready when I get children to be aware and not kill their “childish” way of thinking about thinking. Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child was an inspiring example to what happens when children get to define how they learn.

I also want to start think about thinking even more. I know if my mom read this she would say I already am doing “too much thinking” but to try and find those interesting questions, the ones without answers or have answers that we can still challenge. If it changes my way of viewing the world or if it sparks a business idea, I don’t mind.

I’m a control freak, or not that bad, really, but just a little bit. Ok, I like control. And if I continue like that, and don’t challenge it, I won’t be able to be wacko enough to come up with the crazy ideas or answers to questions I find when thinking about thinking. I’m so scared to be wrong. But that is just something society, teachers and parents have taught me. Can I re-teach myself?

Me at a Rails Girls event in Oslo last year.
Me at a Rails Girls event in Oslo last year.

Linda Liukas, founder of Rails Girls and now designer, writer and storyteller of the book Hello Ruby for kids to start learning programming. My key take-away for this presentation was: dare to take the leap, be approachable and work on your storytelling.

Linda was inspiring, so successful, so young, a women non the least, and her smiling face and way to present her story was just the icing on the cake. She has what I’ve always wanted. She seems so daring and approachable. I know, strange combination of words to choose to describe someone? I know I’m a doer, and I can spark ideas, I do a lot of thinking, and when I want results, I go get them. But what she had was also guts, she had a passion and a will to change the world, at least a part of it, and she went and did it. It’s not the workload I’m scared of when I think of becoming an entrepreneur, it’s the “taking the leap” part…and failing…part.

Linda is so successful, and she has become that on a good case and for what all I know, with a fantastic personality. She has charisma, and being approachable is something I value, and have challenged myself to become the last 5 years too. That means you can gain trust quickly, you are likeable, and you get passionate people around you to fight and work for the same cause as you.

That Linda chose to fight for teaching young women how to code, and now explaining computer science to kids, is also just amazing. She saw the need, and the potential, and she went for it. She seems to have a way of storytelling, a code that no one has cracked before. It’s intriguing. I don’t know how yet, but I want to start practicing my storytelling. Maybe I can write more, like this, or also get out there and do talks, get feedback and become even better the next time? All I know is that it’s not too late, and I have all the inspiration I need.


Nicholas Negropontes TED-talk: A 30-year history of the future

Linda Liukas TED-talk: A Delightful way to teach kids about computers

I’m happy I get to work at a company with so many inspirational people. These talks described above was external speakers, but I also got the opportunity to listen to my amazing colleagues about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, how to build a successful product and how to align processes. I’m looking forward to assuming a new role in this play, as a Product Manager in November.


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Vad MasterChef lärde mig om ledarskap

Jag sitter hemma sjuk i influensa, och det innebär att när jag inte sover är jag sjukt rastlös. Drömmer och tänker mycket. Så trots att huvudet och kroppen värker när jag sitter uppe, vill jag skriva. Jag vill ta vara på den skrivlusten, jag tycker om att få ut mina tankar i detta forum. Som ni vet, när man är hemma sjuk, går en massa spännande program på TV som man aldrig lyckas se annars. Spelar ingen roll för mig, hemma hos mig står enbart mat-, bakning- och träningsprogram på när TV’n är igång i bakgrunden.

I detta maratontittande av MasterChef Australia hamnar mina tankar på ledarskap. I de första avsnitten väljer de ut 50 av tusentals som valt att laga en maträtt för att få de smakade på och bedömda av dessa tre som leder programmet; Gary Mehigan (kock), George Calombaris (kock) och Matt Preston (matkritiker). Sedan elimineras deltagarna, först 5 åt gången, sen en och en, tills en vinnare kvarstår. Under seriens gång får man se deltagarna kämpa i så kallade “stresstest” där de ska presentera en likadan maträtt för domarna, man får se tuff feedback, deltagare som bryter ihop, lovord och beröm, inspirationsdagar där domarna lär ut sina bästa mat- och desserttips. Det läggs fokus på såväl kvalitet i matlagningsteknik som kvantitet i att kunna stycka en kyckling på kortast tid – som i sin tur ger kvalitet i ett kök där de måste få ut maträtter till betalande gäster så fort som möjligt.

Nu låter jag kanske extremt corny, men detta program har ju allt! Har du redan sett vad jag ser? Detta är ju ett drömexempel på bra ledarskap. Med förbehåll om vem som kommit upp med upplägget, och hur TV-kanalen valt att klippa ihop programmet, så det vi får se…är ren magi.

Domarna i MasterChef Australia. Bild: Google
Domarna i MasterChef Australia. Bild: Google

Passion – Domarna har funnit talanger som har passion för mat, råvaror och matlagning som de är villiga att satsa på. De ger dem tid, och näring, för att nå sin potential så långt den än må ta dem. Bara de bästa hänger kvar till slutet, men alla får lik behandling fram till dess.

Utmaning – Domarna ger deltagarna tydliga utmaningar och regler som de kan förhålla sig till. Deltagarna kan då själva bedöma under tiden hur de ligger till och alla strävar efter att göra sitt bästa. Utmaningen har ett avslut i en kvalitetsbedömning eller har en tidssatt begränsning. Utmaningarna pushar deltagarna utanför sin bekvämlighetszon och låter dem upptäcka sina oanade styrkor (och svagheter).

Inspiration – Deltagarna har respekt för domarna, för vad de har uppnått och för deras ödmjukhet. Även den hårdaste domaren (Marco Pierre White) visar förståelse och ödmjukhet inför deltagarna när de möter en extra tuff utmaning. Varje vecka bjuds deltagarna på en MasterClass där domarna går igenom sina recept eller tidigare utmaningar för att lära ut det de kan. De har trevligt tillsammans, allihop, avnjuter mat och vin och domarna säger “Det är det här det handlar om, mat och vänskap”.

Feedback – Deltagarna sätter fram sin tallrik till domarna i varje avsnitt för bedömning. Här är det tough love som gäller, rak och tydlig kommunikation om vad som var bra, dåligt och vad som kunnat göras bättre. No hard feelings, för deltagarna har respekt och domarna visar respekt tillbaka.

Motivation – Domarna och gästdomare kan inspirera, men deltagarnas motivation måste komma inifrån. Det syns när motivationen tryter hos en deltagare, domarna ser detta och flera gånger kommer de med peptalks och coaching till enskilda individer. Så kan de motivera, genom att se sina deltagares behov för detta.

Team – Varje vecka har de en Team Challenge, en utmaning där de måste jobba tillsammans och egenskaper som kommunikation, driv, ledarskap, struktur, effektivitet blir bedömt. De ska trots allt eventuellt öppna en egen restaurang i framtiden och själva leda egna team av service- och kökspersonal.

Personligheterna hos domarna kompletterar varandra, alla smakar av deltagarnas rätter och jag är säker på att alla deltagare har sin favoritdomare och att domarna kanske har sin favoritdeltagare. Men det syns inte. Detta borde ju inte vara så svårt att få ihop när det gäller andra scener än kök och mat.

Låter inte detta som det perfekta exemplet på ledarskap?

Träning eller inte träning…eller?

Halloen! Det var ett tag sedan, men ändå ligger ju bloggen här och bara väntar på att jag ska få tid och lust att skriva. Mycket för att hålla de nyfikna vänner, bekata och familj, uppdatert men också för att jag bara ska få skriva av mig om vad jag vill egentligen.

Nu är det en tid sedan jag skrev examen med AFPT och dagen därpå var det praktisk examen, som jag klarade med väldigt fin feedback! Nu väntar vi som sagt på resultaten från den skriftliga examen som väntas komma om 1 – 2 veckor.


Jag har redan börjat se på nya utbildningar och en av de som lockar är Rehab-trainer som innebär utbildning inom vanliga skador i de olika delarna och ledena i kroppen, och hur man tränar när man lider av någon av dessa skador. Nästan alla “lider” av någon form för skada eller begränsad mobilitet i ett led för exempel, varför jag tycker det är ett viktigt område. Jag vill att alla ska kunna dra nytta av träningens alla positiva effekter, och att då kunna hjälpa personer att träna runt sina skador eller besvär tycker jag är intressant! Denna utbildning skulle jag i så fall ta genom AFPT: Rehab Trainer.

Det andra som lockar är en massagekurs. Efter att ha läst så mycket om anatomin, musklers funktion och rörlighet så blir jag bara så nyfiken och vill liksom känna på musklerna, på riktigt! Haha som tur är har jag många intresserade försökskaniner när jag väl sätter igång med en massagekurs. Denna funderar jag på att ta på Axelsons: Massör eller AFPT: Massagekurs.

Just nu sitter jag hemma. Fredagen efter examen (förra fredagen) opererade jag mitt lilla bråck jag haft i främre bukvägg. Jag har säkert haft det sen jag var barn, märkte det för ca 10 år sedan och det har blivit värre med några års tunga lyft nu. Så vi prövar med att sy ihop det och se om det håller framöver! Dock ingen tung träning som kräver buktryck på 6 veckor… 1 vecka har gått och jag har haft lite feber och allmän sjukdomskänsla till och från, ingen infektion men var nog tillbaka på jobb lite för tidigt i en lång och hektisk dag. Nu blir det vila.

Känner inte igen min navel, haha!
Känner inte igen min navel, haha!
Tog en luftetur på Aker Brygge och kände på formen. Vår i luften!
Tog en luftetur på Aker Brygge och kände på formen. Vår i luften!
Fick tulpaner från jobbet efter operation
Fick tulpaner från jobbet efter operation



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2014: andra halvåret


Får ferie en vecka i starten av juli som jag spenderade hos nära och kära i Enköping. Mormor repade sig bra och min syster fyllde 29 år. Jobbar en vecka och har sen två veckor ferie igen. Då är jag egentligen bara i Oslo och går all in med både kost och träning. Riktigt härlig sommar med mycket värme och sol. Firade min 27-årsdag med vänner på Aker Brygge och sedan med Sara dagen efter.

Home sweet home
Home sweet home
Vänner på Grönan, promenad, Bredsand och lille T och jag
Vänner på Grönan, promenad, Bredsand och lille T och jag
Min födelsedagsmiddag
Min födelsedagsmiddag


Min syster kommer och besöker mig första helgen i augusti. Vi shoppar, pratar, fixar naglar, har picknick och äter gott i den fotsatta sommarvärmen. Första gången syster var i Oslo, men inte den sista :)


Jobbet går igång i rykande fart och teamet rekryterar om aldrig förr, riktigt kul med sådan framgång och att få välkomna så härliga människor ombord i företaget.

Tränar med Ellen och får riktigt bra resultat med det nya upplägget. I slutet av månaden startar utbildningen med AFPT och det är ett av de bästa besluten jag tagit detta år att genomföra detta. Får direkt flera nya vänner, träningstokiga och glada vänner jag hoppas få behålla lång tid framöver.


2014-08-27 08.15.55


Tog ett djupt andetag när jag gick in i september för jag visste att detta är alltid den mest hektiska månaden i jobbet varje år. Startade med en tur till Trondheim, följde med många möten och nya som startade. Var på kurs i Stockholm med jobbet i två dagar.

Varannan helg har spenderats med AFPT (22 h/ helg) och en helg med Sara i Madrid för att se Ellen i Arnold Classics Europe och fira Saras 25-årsdag.

Sara och jag i saluhall i Madrid
Sara och jag i saluhall i Madrid


September är över före den börjat känns det som. I oktober rullar tempot på bra på jobb och jag har ett fantastiskt team som samarbetat otroligt fint denna höst. Det är en del event och höstkonferensen äger rum.

Varannan helg har jag AFPT och en helg kom mina föräldrat och hälsade på. Vi fick sådär bra väder men bäst av allt var nog operan vi gick på, so var min pappas födelsedagspresent från mig. Åt goda middagar, ena kvällen hos mig och andra ute. Alltid mysigt at ha familj på besök :)

Operan med föräldrar
Operan med föräldrar


Hösten närmar sig med stormsteg men i år har jag verkligen inte haft tid att tänka på det försvinnande ljuset ute eller det deppiga vädret. Fullt fokus på jobb, rätt efter jobb är det träning, på helgerna har det varit kurs eller studier och lite fritid.

Work work
Work work


En något lugnare månad vanligtvis i jobb men då vi sökt efter nya medarbetare till teamen inom sälj och rekrytering har det varit lite mer att göra utöver det vanliga. Det var också ett julbord med jobbet.

Som de senaste åren har jag inte ens hunnit med nedräkningen till jul. I år pyntade jag ändå faktiskt lite hemma J Hann med lite julbak också som jagfick bjuda vännerna på AFPT under fredagsföreläsningen. Åkte till Stockholm för en helg med min syster först i huvudstaden innan vi återvände hem till Enköping för att fira jul. Var tillbaka i Oslo för att fira nyår.

Systrar i Sthlm
Systrar i Sthlm
Hela familjen samlad
Hela familjen samlad
Gott nytt år med muskelmiddag!
Gott nytt år med muskelmiddag!


Det har förstås hänt mycket mer under året, stort och smått. Men det jag kommer ta med mig från i år är alla nya bekantskaper jag fått, vänner som inspirerar och delar sitt intresse och sin glädje för det de brinner för. Dessa finner jag både i jobbet och genom utbildningen i år. Jag tar också med mig att blod alltid är tjockare än vatten och min familj betyder otroligt mycket för mig.

Balansen mellan att aldrig stanna upp och att vara i nuet är fortsatt lika svår. Jag tror på att omge sig med människor man trivs hos, jobba och läsa inom områden man brinner för och alltid sätter av tid till familjen. Det viktigaste är att vi inte har tid att vara missnöjda! Livet är för kort för det. Trivs du inte? Förändra situationen du befinner dig i!

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2014: första halvåret


Efter ett knall bra nyttårsfirande på Bislett startade 2014 med dunder och brak. Nejdå, januari var faktiskt ganska lugn. Ett par jobbevent och jag hade bra snurr på rekryteringen och planeringen inför året i mitt jobb.

Firade M’s födelsedag. Träningen gick på rutin men det var egentligen inget speciellt som hände mer där.


Fortsatte året i ett jobbspår och åkte till Göteborg och Chalmers på mässa i starten av februari. Vårens utvärderingar startade i slutet av månaden.

Spenderade en helg i Stockholm med M och vänner. Träningen var inte prioriterad men jag kom iväg till gymmet ett par gånger i veckan.



Slet med en förkylning som inte ville ge sig och var hemma från jobb i omgångar på grund av sjukskrivning. Akut luftvägsinflammation om jag minns rätt. Ingen rolig historia. Var till Trondheim och höll intervjuer och event.

Event i Trondheim
Event i Trondheim

Mamma och pappa hälsade på en helg, tyvärr var jag då fortsatt ganska dålig och hade svårt att hänga med runt i stan. Behöver kanske innte ens nämna att träningen blev väldigt lidande i mars.

Myskväll med Sara
Myskväll med Sara


Pappa och mamma
Pappa och mamma
Genomförde min andra juicedetox
Genomförde min andra juicedetox


I starten av april vankades företagtes vårkonferens, denna gång i oförglömliga Alperna och Alpbach. Jag beslutade mig för en nykter konferens till följd av en ostadig mars hälsomässigt.

Spa i Alpbach
Spa i Alpbach

Spenderade helgen före påsk i Enköping med nära och kära. Påskhelgen spenderades i Hemsedal med M och vänner. Åkte slalom för första gången i mitt liv, efter att ha tagit en 90 min kurs :) Gick på visningar och beslutade mig för att flytta ut ur kollektivet till ett eget bo.

Jag och M i Hemsedal
Jag och M i Hemsedal


Jobbet rullade på och vårens sista och sommarens event planerades och genomfördes i full fart. Vi flyttade till nya kontor mitt på Karl Johan och Egertorget.

Netlights nya kontor
Netlights nya kontor
Jobbar på gamla balkongen
Jobbar på gamla balkongen

Spenderade 17 maj i Stockholm med bästa väninnans möhippa. Planerade att ta tag i träningen igen mer seriöst men behövde stöd och sökte mig till olika coacher. Beslutade att gå PT-utbildning med AFPT under hösten. Flyttade till eget krypin efter att ha bott i kollektiv sen jag flyttade till Oslo. Här bor jag fortsatt och trivs hur bra som helst! Byggde vidare på min tatuering också :)

Möhippa i Stockholm
Möhippa i Stockholm
Brud och tärnor
Brud och tärnor


IT-Oslo börjar gå långsammare men vi passar på att träffa många studenter som gör sina internships i Oslo på sommaren. I tillägg till en del spännande event. Fartfylld juni!

Edge Student Edition
Edge Student Edition

Träffar Ellen som går med på att skräddarsy ett kost- och träningsschema till mig. Kör igång med detta sista veckan i juni. Är brudtärna på bästa väninnans bröllop i Enköping. Bara dagarna innan blev mormor riktigt dålig och opererades strax därefter. Jag blev väldigt sjuk och låg hemma i Enköping med 40 grader feber en halv vecka.

Starten av mitt träningsår på riktigt
Starten av mitt träningsår på riktigt