INMA Global Media Awards 2017

I’m writing this as I’m waiting for a delayed flight to New York at Gardemoen, Oslo. I’m on my way to New York to attend the INMA World Congress of News Media. The International News Media Association (INMA) is the world’s leading provider of global best practices for news media companies looking to grow revenue, audience, and brand amid profound market change. I’m also very excited to attend the INMA Global Media Awards dinner on Tuesday to represent the Creation Suite that is nominated for the award: “Best New Corporate Innovation Initiative”.

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The nomination was composed by my managers and the whole team is of course standing behind the success, over 50 amazing colleagues in Oslo, Stockholm and Krakow working on the products Discover, Create, Engage, Relate, Curate, Stream, and of course the cross-functional roles.

Not only the Creation Suite is nominated from Schibsted! I’m proud to announce all our nominations for the INMA Global Media Awards:

The Creation Suite is nominated for Best New Corporate Innovation Initiative (Global/ National brands)

Aftenposten is nominated for Best Use of Data Analytics (Global/ National brands)

Schibsted is nominated for Best Idea to Encourage Print Readership or Engagement (Global/ National brands)

Aftenposten for Best Use of Social Media (Global/ National brands)

Bergens Tidene for Best Idea to Grow Digital Readership or Engagement (Regional/ Local brands)

Last year, 2016, Svenska Dagbladet won the top prize of the awards in London.

I’m so looking forward to the agenda at the congress! Look at this agenda:

  • The Third Wave of Digital Disruption and a Recipe to Fight It
  • Where the Signals Point News Media Next
  • Facebook and the Fake News Phenomenon
  • Optimising Digital Subscriptions For Your Audience and Ecosystem (with Siri Holstad Johannessen, Head of Sales and Marketing, Schibsted Norway)
  • Big Data, AI, and the Strategic Priorities for Media
  • Mobile and Social for News Brands: Today’s Priorities
  • The Early Hope for Virtual Reality
  • News Media Outlook: The Indispensability of News Brands

I’ll definitely report back with some thoughts after the congress!

Journalism in the heart of our products

Like six months or so back, I wrote my last blogpost as a recruiter. Now, this is my personal blog, so it doesn’t really matter what I work as, but I thought this one should be the first I write as a Product Manager.

It’s been a very interesting journey these past six months, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it! I finally got to join the team I looked up to since I started at Schibsted. It was then called the Schibsted Media Platform, a successful distributed and autonomous team with great culture. Since then, all of publishing in Schibsted has gone through a re-organisation to ensure speed, transparency and full focus on digital. We, the Creation Suite, are now Schibsted Publishing Platform together with Distribution and Monetization teams. We work very closely together with embedded teams in the newsrooms focusing on the core news product and news destination as well as the teams focusing on the future of news destinations.

I’m the product manager for an editorial tool used in the newsrooms by journalists and editors called Discover. We’re a part of the Creation Suite, where we together with the other teams provide a seamless suite for discovery, creation, analysis and curation to publish news digitally.

Journalists use Discover to monitor the current affairs in the world around them, to discover breaking news events directly from newswires, and for inspiration. We monitor sources like global news websites, blogs, magazines, licensed content from newswires, Facebook public feed in Norwegian and Swedish and mobile push notifications from any provider you want to follow.

What is the most important task when learning about a breaking news event? The need to inform the public right away of what’s going on locally or globally. We therefore have seamless integration from discovery to start creating and editing the news story and then quickly press publish. The content layout is totally up to the news destination how they want to present it. Other teams are working on the frameworks for aligning this process as well.

Breaking news reporting becomes even more crucial in extreme situations such as terror attacks. It requires a balance between caution and urgency. Caution regarding fact checking and urgency to get the information out there to help people navigate locally and inform the world globally. This is something my team is inspired by, finding ways to help the newsroom sort, fact check and publish quickly.

Another very important aspect of discovery is the detection of trends, and I’m not only talking about likes, comments, shares or viral trends here, but tips trends from the citizens. One of the most important sources a journalist has are the citizens. Whistleblowers and multiple tips from the public may help discover questionable affairs that politicians, the government and state-owned instances are a part of. It’s a part of the investigative work journalists do to monitor those in power.

What motivates me the most about my job is not pure tech, product development or working with people and users (all of those things are really motivating and fun tho!) but supporting journalism as a mission and a service to the world.

Screenshot of the Discover tool.
Screenshot of the Discover tool.